Sophisticated, maximum security, CCTV systems for your business and home. Tailored systems, perfectly moulded around your business – whatever your environment, our security professionals will guarantee ultimate protection for your business and employees.

  • Wide range of innovative, versatile cameras for every environment and need
  • Keep an eye on your business from your mobile with live video 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Movement detection with notifications, keeping you secure and informed
  • Pre-programmed intruder responses to automatically warn unwanted visitors they are being monitored


Crystal clear HD images from a vast range of camera types, sizes and colours to suit your budget and your building. You can happily mix and match different styles, definitions and camera ranges to build the perfect protection. With our Facial Recognition cameras, you can automatically allow specific staff into different secure areas of your home or workplace, as well as creating a Time Management System – which automatically reports to your wages department how many hours each employee worked each week.



Advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras provide businesses with a perfect way of protecting your business and can be used for a smart range of services like: opening barriers to your car park, tracking the vehicles on sale by companies and making sure your staff are safe on site.

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