Digital Home

Professional Home Internet and WiFi

Business class HD Telephone calls, Ultra fast Broadband and Limitless WiFi for your home.

CCTV Cameras

Protect your home with our professional range of sophisticated CCTV Security Systems and Cameras. From movement detection cameras, to sound recording cameras, with sound and intruder detection modes, you really can make your home your castle.

Security Alarm

Keep your home and family safe by having one of our digital home security experts tailor one of our world class Security Alarm Systems to perfectly fit into your family and your way of living and your pets.

Home Automation

Take full advantage of what are now affordable home automation systems. These systems used to be just for a select few and had to be built into the fabric of brand new homes. Nowadays, with our far less costly systems, you can start small and keep adding modules to suit your way of life. It could be as simple as switching lights of from your mobile phone when you are unexpectedly delayed home. Perhaps you may want to control your heating, see who’s in your garden, check a parcel delivery, or close your gates if you forgot to do so?

Intruder Detect & Inform

How do you feel about intruders snooping around outside your home? We believe that the alarm going off when the intruder actually breaks in is not good enough. It’s too late. We love perimeter protection and in stopping criminals before they actually damage your home. With our comprehensive ranges of external Intruder Detection Systems, you can rest assured that intruders will be detected and you/they will be alerted before they reach your doors, windows, cars, garages and sheds.

Family Video TV – Keeping In Touch

Don’t worry if you can’t travel to see your loved ones – especially if it’s not safe too see the elderly and frail, when you may be unwell.
With our amazing TV Conversion Qube, you don’t need any complicated setting up or equipment, just talk away and see each other on your television from the comfort of your armchair – or even whilst relaxing or recovering, in bed.

Health & Safety Sensors

Keep safe with our excellent range of automated home safety sensors. Our expert customer care engineers will make a neat and tidy job of professionally installing sensors to alert you and your family about escapes of gas, carbon monoxide and water. Our sensors will also protect you and alert you to fire, to heat and to smoke and can set a range of alarms or messages/calls to neighbours, carers or family.

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