We are always here for you. Of course, our customers know and trust us and are regularly in touch, whatever they need. For help on products and services to resolving technical difficulties and repairing anything broken. Wherever we have supplied and installed equipment and services, maintenance is taken for granted. Even where we did not originally supply or install your equipment, we are happy to help. We love to solve problems others cannot and we are always proud to be able to achieve higher technical results and functionality than any of our competitors. OUR maintenance is not just reactive, it is proactive – with our Service Control Centre receiving thousands of positive full functionality confirmations every hour, 24/7 – confirming that our permanent checks on our customers’ systems and equipment are testing positive. Where our automated (as well as fully staffed) Service Control Centre detects anything less than perfect, our on call engineers are immediately contacted and any tested troubles are rectified before ever being noticed by customers.

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