Types of Partner

Commercial Partner

Commercial Partners already have perhaps a business such as Office Equipment, Security, Telecoms, IT etc.

Our partners here, work with us to benefit from opportunities and rewards in projects which are outside of their core business areas.

For example, an Office Equipment company may have a customer that asks them about a complex VOIP Telephone System, or a Telecoms company may have a customer with some high level IT problems on a server or computer network which no one can resolve.

Whatever the opportunity – it’s a MUTUAL opportunity.

TOGETHER, we can look after Customers, provide these customers with absolutely unbeatable service and guarantee your total peace of mind.


Franchise Partner 

For those with no technical knowledge but who love to help people, those who enjoy communicating with people and those who cherish the feeling of being appreciated and being able to make a really big difference to others, their businesses and their lives, then you’re in the right company. On the other hand you might be technical in one of our areas of business technology expertise already – no problem, you can come on board and we will soon have you an expert in our other areas.

Real people, who are committed and care are what this is all about.

You don’t need to be technical, you don’t need to be from a tech background. The people we help and work with are the millions of REAL PEOPLE, running REAL BUSINESSES around the UK. These SME business owners and the owners of Micro Businesses across the UK want to talk sensibly about their businesses – they don’t want to talk technical jargon.

Digital Britain can be as technical as any customer wants, we can provide high level Technical Support to even the most brilliant technicians – but in the majority of cases, we love to help business owners boost their businesses.

Becoming a Digital Business Adviser via one of our franchises, following training, places YOU in the unique position of benefiting from and offering over twenty years’ expert technology and business experience. It’s the equivalent of you spending five years in the TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry, five years in the COMPUTER business, plus five years in advising on SECURITY and CCTV and another five learning about DIGITAL.

YOU will be part of the Digital Britain team and have a massive support network of technical experts, business advisers, security professionals, digital people, telecoms technicians, computing and internet gurus.

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