Covid Technology

Personal  Protective Heath & Safety Technology


Keep safe, save lives, protect your staff and your customers with our comprehensive range of Personal Protective Technology. Make sure you and your teams always have the right amount of PPT, with a professionally tailored installation.


Keep your staff, your visitors and your customers safe in the peace of mind that anyone attempting to enter your building with a fever or raised temperature will be prevented from access as an alarm will sound as well as the door NOT being automatically opened. Our Temperature Sensing Technology can be fitted at a single or multiple points of entry.


Guarantee maximum safety and protection for everyone in your shop, care home or building by automatically detecting anyone attempting to enter without the safety precaution of a face mask. Those wearing masks can be given access, whereas those NOT wearing a mask will either NOT be allowed access or an alarm will make sure your reception or security personnel can take appropriate action. Our Mask Detection Technology can be used in conjunction with fever detection and at a single or multiple points of building/shop/care home entry.


Avoid the unnecessary spread of germs and viruses, often associated with points of building entry, door handles, access code keypads and swipe card devices. Our NO TOUCH Technology detects the actual people who you want to allow into your school, care home, shop or building and will automatically allow access without the need for these people to press or touch anything. Our Facial Recognition Technology can also be used in connection with our Temperature Sensing Technology to help prevent the spread of viruses by detecting and stopping those trying to enter with a fever.


Adhering to government guidelines on social distancing and the number of people within the same space at the same time is made easy through our People Flow Control Technology. Here, we install systems and equipment which will cleverly manage the spaces within your facility/building, only allowing designated numbers of people into a room, corridor or service areas at the same time. When it becomes safe to enter, because another person has left the area, an all-clear display is provided and access is allowed into that area either manually, or automatically – through a door release.


At last, you can safely visit your elderly or young relatives and see them in the flesh – there in front of you. You can see exactly how they are, smile at each other and talk with them in the same room, just a few inches apart – but protected by the safety of a solid glass screen. In conjunction with our building construction partners at Customer Care Construction Company Limited, we are transforming care homes and bringing real life back into families via the installation of our Family Togetherness Technology. Our FTT Technology collects and projects your live conversation to the opposite side of the protective laminated glass screen so you really are in the same room.

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